"They have no money because they have no job. There are no jobs so there is no money."

Here at Haiti Missions, one of our answers to this issue is through our Micro-Loan Program. Michel Brunard is our Micro-Loan Coordinator, who lives in Haiti full time. With his  professional accounting and a great passion to help the people of his country, he will review each applicant to help make their hopes a reality in Haiti. As of SPRING 2016, we are in our third program year of this project and it is going very well. 

One lady that received a loan started her business of selling hair care products came back for a second loan to grow her business. Another young man started selling motor oil from a cart on the road side. This allowed him to pay for his school.  A young lady once said, " I feel sometimes I have no hope." When I asked her what are your dreams she said, "to own a Bridal Shop." There are many dreams in Haiti that only need a jump start! 

Posting below April 2016, from Haiti Missions Director Tim Shoda:

"Our largest dilemma right now is the needed funds to support MORE MICRO-LOANS. We have several newly approved applicants waiting to be funded with their small business loan. Can you help them?" 

 If you would like to get involved and support this program, please start today by donating online or contact us soon for more details!